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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are Answers to Many Common Questions we Receive

• How many passengers can your vehicles accommodate?

We have various sizes and styles of equipment in our fleet. We can accommodate groups from 10 to 2000. Our smallest vehicles carry up to 21 passengers each and our largest vehicles carry up to 57 passengers each.
Call 1-702-261-0131 or email us at Info@TripleJTours.com

• What are the rates to charter your vehicles?

Each booking or reservation made with Triple J Tours varies to some degree so we base all of our rates on an individual basis in the form of quotes. Each quote is prepared individually and is based on several details such as mileage, frequency of use, length of time, number of vehicles required, type of vehicle required and so on. Each quote is prepared quickly and thoroughly and our rates are very competitive. Remember this detail though - "Quality isn't expensive, it is priceless", we live by this motto in all of our business operations, we aim for the highest quality experience for our clients.
Call 1-702-261-0131 or email us at Info@TripleJTours.com

• Is there any limit as to how far can your vehicles travel?

We are licensed and insured to travel anywhere in the USA. Our charters can deliver your group to any destination. Remember though that mileage and time of use is factored into costs for "over the road" itineraries. We are based in Las Vegas and our most competitive rates originate in Las Vegas.
Call 1-702-261-0131 or email us at Info@TripleJTours.com

• What deposit amount is required to reserve one of your vehicles and when is the deposit due?

Our standard deposit amount is 50% of the total estimated cost of the charter and this amount is due upon receipt of the signed charter contract. We can negotiate other terms under certain circumstances.
Call 1-702-261-0131 or email us at Info@TripleJTours.com

• When is the final payment due?

Our standard policy states that final payments are due 20 days prior to trip or move departure. Any overages or changes in the contract will be billed and are payable 10 days following the receipt of the adjusted contract. See your contract for complete details. We are able to set up billable and credit accounts for repeat clients.
Call 1-702-261-0131 or email us at Info@TripleJTours.com

• Are driver gratuities and/or rooms included in your rates?

Driver gratuities are not included in our rates. We suggest 15% of the total charter amount for driver gratuity for excellent service. These gratuities can be paid directly to the driver or to Triple J Tours for our accountants to disperse. Driver gratuities must be paid separately from the contracted rates for the charters. Driver's rooms (for "over the road" charters) are not included in the rates, driver's rooms are the client's responsibility unless stated otherwise in the quote.
Call 1-702-261-0131 or email us at Info@TripleJTours.com

• How far in advance should we reserve our motor coach?

We suggest reserving your motor coach as far in advance as possible to make certain the equipment is available to you. This is extremely important during Spring, Fall and during convention periods. We can accommodate last minute bookings as well but availability of equipment may be affected. 35 million persons visit Las Vegas each year and many of them reserve transportation, to make certain you have the best choices place your request early.
Call 1-702-261-0131 or email us at Info@TripleJTours.com

• What type of insurance does your company carry?

By Nevada State Law each motor coach company must carry a minimum of $5 million dollars of Liability Insurance for each vehicle. We carry vehicle insurance, vehicle liability insurance and professional liability insurance - you can rest assured that you are protected when you travel with Triple J Tours. We can provide proof of our insurance upon request.
Call 1-702-261-0131 or email us at Info@TripleJTours.com

• Are your motor coaches kept clean and are they smoke free?

We do not allow smoking on any of our vehicles. All of our vehicles are cleaned each night after use and are ready to go the following morning bright and early. Each driver is responsible for his or her coach so they make a great effort to keep their vehicles in top shape for our clients.

You can reach us via Email or by calling us at 1-702-261-0131, we are happy to assist you!
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